Stop creating reluctant leaders!

Many people find themselves thrust into situations where they are expected to provide leadership to others.  Too often, this is accompanied by little (if any) relevant training on how to actually be a leader, and the problem is this shows very quickly – often with disastrous consequences – when things start to go wrong! Managers […]

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authentic balls in cricle

Values-based Leadership: Challenge Choice Change

There are many different leadership models and theories that we all know and love, spanning the decades from the early days of ‘Great Man’ theory to more recent ‘Transformational” approaches. However, regardless of the label you want to put on the theory or model that is prevalent at the time, there is one common thread […]

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Is “stress” an excuse for poor self-leadership?

I have just ‘Googled’ STRESS and got over 584,000,000 hits in less than 1.5 seconds – wow! When did stress become so contagious? We are in the middle of global political uncertainty and upheaval – the world is facing some of its biggest financial and ecological challenges for decades – public confidence and morale is low in […]

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pawn and shadow

How do you turn a manager into a leader?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked by clients. They have staff who were particularly good at the job they were originally employed to do so they have taken a decision and promoted them into management positions. Some people cope quite well at this stage by using their existing knowledge and skills […]

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10 choices effective authentic leaders make each day

Effective leaders are authentic leaders. As an authentic leader, here are 10 typical choices that you will make during your day-to-day leadership practice. 1. Know who you are : You will know your own core values and have the strength of character to walk your talk in all circumstances. Other people will recognise this in you […]

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